Taking Back Columbus Day

Ok, so technically  Columbus Day is over. But in the early hours of the new day, I still think it’s fair game to post…

Despite the fact that Christopher Columbus sailed for Spanish interests, many Italian Americans in New York consider Columbus Day a celebration of heritage. For Native Americans however, the holiday is time to remember what was lost. 

Before I headed back uptown, I checked out this poster:

Colorado was the first U.S. state to acknowledge Columbus Day as a statutory holiday and now, it is home to a strong movement of people who want to have it abolished. The poster was actually a part of a much larger mural that spelled out Indigenous Peoples Day. We need to reframe how we think about the day,” says Hailey Haire, vice president of Columbia University’s Native American Council.  To help reclaim the day of ‘discovery’ I copped a red ribbon of remembrance just like hers:

 To find out more info, or to sign a petition that supports both changing the name and the racist ideology behind the holiday log on to: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/abolish-columbus-day-as-a-national-holiday/

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